Hillsborough, NH

The town of Hillsborough had its beginnings in the mid 18th Century in what is known today as Hillsboro Center, by a grant given to Colonel John Hill of Boston who lent his name to the settlement. Early settlers came from Massachusetts and Scotch-Irish towns in southeastern NH. By 1772 Hillsborough was incorporated as a town.
The Center was indeed the hub of local life with its cluster of stately residence, public green, meeting house, lost animal pound, horse sheds, burial ground, school house and churches. In a short time, more Hillsboroughs dotted the landscape: Hillsborough Bridge, the mill town on the Contoocook River that is today's downtown, and the Upper and Lower Villages. With its four villages, the Hillsboroughs are connected by charming back roads and over a dozen single and double arch stone bridges, spanning rivers and streams.
Hillsborough proudly boasts numerous attractions. It is the location of the Pierce Homestead, the childhood home of President Franklin Pierce, our 14th President. Today it is a beautifully restored museum welcoming visitors during the warm months. Nestled between downtown and the Center, it is also home to Fox State Forest. On the western edge of downtown, find lovely Pierce Lake, a 500 acre man-made lake with public beach, picnic areas and boat launch, framed by picturesque rolling hill countryside.